MODISTO is an Erasmus+ funded project under the reference: 2020-1-ES01-KA202-081939. It involves organisations in Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic and Italy. The partnership includes vocational training centres, professional associations of the fashion and clothing sector, and organisations involved in the implementation of vocational oriented programmes and the creation of didactical resources for them.

The main aims of the proposal are:

  • To develop a course in e-learning modality to be used as support for VET teachers, whose contents will be related to eco-design and sustainability, and its use intended for the clothing and fashion sector.
  • To promote and disseminate the e-learning course within VET centers in the four participating countries.
  • To make the resources of the e-learning course openly available and promoted at international level as an open educational resource.

The innovative aspects of MODISTO main result are the topics, the pedagogical approach and the format. The topics are structured in 4 differentiated modules: Principles of Ecodesign; Sustainable fabrics; Eco-labeling and Certification; and Sustainability Criteria in the Fashion and Clothing Sector. The pedagogical approach includes the use and evaluation of practical competences based on real cases encapsulated in a didactical learning environment. The format in which the result is conceived is an e-learning course fully accessible online and with didactical suggestions for the use of the VET teachers as a complementary resource to enable the adaptation of the targeted competences to the curriculum of the VET centres. The course will be available in Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Italian and English.

MODISTO will involve associated partners in all countries including additional VET centres, companies of the fashion and clothing sector, other sectoral organisations and external experts in eco-design and sustainable fashion, who will contribute to the quality of the final product. Target groups of these dissemination and promotion actions are teachers and students of VET centres, education authorities, experts in sustainable fashion and representatives of fashion and textile companies interested in sustainable production.