MODISTO II results will be available from summer 2024 in this section. From here, you can also access the products of the previous MODISTO project.

MODISTO project includes one main result: an e-learning course to be used in VET courses related to the sector of clothing and textile with the aim to support VET students and teachers for the acquisition of concepts and abilities related to sustainability in the fashion sector. It consists of four modules addressing the fields of:

- Principles of Eco-design.

- Sustainable materials.

- Eco-labeling and Certification.

- Sustainability Criteria in the Fashion and Clothing Sector

The e-learning course has been customized for the sector of fashion and clothing, but there are many resources that can be used transversally and transferred to other sectors. The e-learning course includes contents in Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Italian and English. It is accessible from this Link.

This result is an OER. This means that it has a free access through the hosting platform, once registered for free, and the didactic resources are also accessible from the platform of results of Erasmus plus.

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