Multiplier Event organised by AMSE


This multiplier event organised by AMSE intended to showcase the main result of MODISTO project as an element to contribute to the sustainable transformation of the fashion sector.

The multiplier event was organised in cooperation with Escuela de Arte de Jerez on the 18/10/2022, and gathered representatives from the sustainable fashion companies, schools and other the local institutions. It counted with an audience of 83 participants.

Multiplier Event organised by ASECOM at Km0 Moda Exhibition


This multiplier event organised by ASECOM was intended as a closure event to MODISTO project.

It provided full information about the intellectual output produced, as well as its benefit for the fashion and textile sector in Spain and the future workers coming from the VET centres for an extended audience. ASECOM organised this event in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and with the Fashion and Textile Industry at National level with the support of FEDECON and ModaEspaña.

Final meeting of the MODISTO project


The final meeting of the MODISTO Project took place on 27 and 28 October in Madrid. Representatives of all project partners participated in it.

In this meeting, the results of MODISTO were shared, and the partners reported on the latest dissemination activities and on the multiplier events.

The project has achieved all its objectives and has come to an end according to the foreseen work plan.

MODISTO Multiplier Event in Portugal


ATP, with the cooperation of MODATEX, organized the MODISTO Multiplier Event in Portugal, which was held in the 7th of September 2022.

It happened as a parallel activity to the Modtissimo Trade Exhibition (60 edition – 6 & 7 September - held in Exponor – Leça da Palmeira – North Region of Portugal), one of the most important events for textile and clothing industry in Portugal.

Multiplier Event organised by ATOK


This multiplier event was conceived to promote broadly the main outcomes of MODISTO project and in particular its intellectual output, to the fashion companies in Czech Republic.

The meeting took place in the Trade Fair Area during international textile and footwear trade fair STYL&KABO on the 22/08/2022, that this year took place in Brno.

Modisto 4th Transnational Meeting. Napoli

Foto Meeting Napoli

MODISTO partners met in Napoli (Italy) on the 27 and 28 June with the purpose to review the progress of MODISTO project and report on the external testing and piloting carried out in their countries of the main product, an e-learning course on sustainability for the fashion and textile sector.

This product will be promoted openly by the partnership after the summer 2022 and made available to the public in all the languages of the partnership, once the last suggested changes are validated.